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WordPress plugins add custom functionality into WordPress without touching core code. So, when you have a business requirement that can’t be satisfied with WordPress alone, plugins add those features for you.

WordPress has a great ecosystem of plugins; both freely available and with commercial licenses. So, if you have a custom business requirement; and no plugin on the market can give you those features out of the box, there’s only one solution left for you, to build a custom plugin. 

This is when we can help you out with a team of dedicated plugin developers with years of experience developing plugins of varied complexities. We have built plugins from simple display changes to multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace solutions. So, we can assure you, anything you need, any feature you plan, our team can build that for you.

Benefits of Custom WordPress Plugin Development

To help you make an informed decision, let’s explain a bit more about how a custom plugin development is the right solution for your business needs.

1. Enhanced Functionality

WordPress is one of the most feature rich Open Source Content Management solutions available. Yet you will find custom business requirements that it or any other out of the box solution doesn’t cover. With a custom built WordPress plugin you can solve this unique problem that’s critical for your business. Our team of experienced plugin developers can build any custom solution that you will need and integrate that with your existing WordPress website. With the highly extentendable open source codebase and great community of development resources, there’s no limit on functionality that you can build within the WordPress plugin ecosystem.

2. Untouched and Maintainable WordPress Core

One of the greatest features of WordPress is its frequent updates. With regular updates and enhancements pushed from WordPress, you get a cutting edge solution that only grows in features and functionality. Now to reap the benefits of this, you have to update WordPress regularly, that might be multiple times in a year or even multiple fixes in a month. Now if you touch WordPress core code and make any changes there, any future updates will either break your code or make it impossible to to integrate with the new WordPress core codebase. With all your custom business features inside your custom WordPress plugin, you can easily keep updating your WordPress core. Now you won’t have to worry about conflicts, missing code, or security vulnerabilities.

3. Extending Existing WordPress Plugins

WordPress has tons of great plugins both free and commercial. This means you save a lot when you build on top of the WordPress ecosystem. You can pick plugins that match your needs and never cost a dime in building that feature or maintaining it. But these solutions have a limitation, it might get you some functionality, but not all. Your unique business needs might require something different, or a slight alteration of this existing solution. Now without customizing the core plugin, you can build a custom plugin for your unique needs and keep the parent plugin code untouched. So, when the plugin author pushes a new version, you can update that parent plugin and get all the goodies without breaking your website or web application. Your custom WordPress plugin will preserve your unique features giving you worry free unlimited feature extension on top of existing plugins.

4. Integration with various APIs

The best feature of the web as a platform is the diverse ecosystem of APIs ( Application Programming Interface ). We do this all the time for our websites/applications. We might be consuming a social network api to get our latest social posts, and at the same time integrating a payment provider (e.g. Paypal, Stripe etc) to accept credit card payments securely. Or we might be using a shipping provider api to ship our products across the continents while writing blog posts for our customers in the same web space. We use APIs for newsletter subscriptions, to send transactional emails, to communicate at real-time with our audiences and customers. Now to reap the benefits of these APIs we have to integrate those to our website or web application. Now with a custom built WordPress plugin, you can integrate any of these awesome APIs into your website and do it with the best performance. When existing solutions fail you with any API integration; your custom WordPress plugin comes in for rescue.

5. Optimal Performance

Is your website running slow, or any interaction inside WordPress admin taking ages to complete. There’s a high chance it’s due to bloated plugins. Out of the box WordPress plugin ships with tons of features, scripts and code that you simply don’t use. With your custom built WordPress plugin, you only load what you need, only build what you use. So, these custom plugins are fast and performant both on the front-end and backend servers you are using. So build custom and run fast!

6. Enhanced Security

WordPress community plugins or even commercial plugins can have tons of unused code and vulnerabilities associated with them. If you need all of these features, then it’s ok, but if you need a part of those features, then why carry security issues with them; you can have your own custom plugin that gets your job done with less code and less security holes. A properly built custom plugin that caters to your unique business needs, nothing more, nothing less, will give you better security almost all the time, compared to ready made plugins from the market.

Our process of Custom WordPress Plugin Development

So now that you know the benefits of a custom built plugin, let’s discuss how we can make it happen. We have iterated over this process for years, building plugins for both our internal use and for customers. This is how we work:

1. Defining what’s required: Requirements analysis

We always start with a talk with the customer. Only you know what you need, only you can define your requirements. We will assist you to get that on paper, out from your mind, and ready for our development team to plan. We will help you define the core features, the must have features, and also the nice to have features for your business needs. When it’s laid out on paper, you and us both can see the birds eye view of the final product. 

2. Researching existing solutions: Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Now that we know what you need and it’s on a written document. Our team of developers will first try to find an existing plugin that matches your needs. If we find that magic plugin, which has good code, regularly updated and matches your needs, we can just customize that to get you to speed faster. But if we find; a fully custom build is the right choice, we will discuss this in detail with you and move to the development phase.

3. Planning before execution

At this stage we will plan the whole plugin. Break it into feature groups so we both can communicate on this. We will discuss any extension of your earlier requirements or any new ideas you have before we move to development.

4. Development in Milestones

Our team will develop your plugin divided in milestones. With each milestone you will get to see a working solution with just the features planned for that event. This way you will have a full view of the work in progress and we can communicate about the right direction. We will make sure you have all the information you need to track the progress of your custom plugin. Once one milestone ( or group of features ) is done and verified by you we will move to the next.

5. Testing before live deployment

As per our commitment to deliver you a fully functional custom WordPress plugin, we will do rigorous testing on our codebase. We will test the code, the functionality and also look for security issues on your custom plugin. We follow all industry standards, and fix any issues during this stage. You will only get a fully tested, error free custom plugin from us.

6. Continuous technical support

WordPress is an ever evolving system, the core of WordPress gets multiple updates every year. To keep up with this, your custom plugin will need continuous technical support from expert developers. Our team of support engineers will help you on this. After we hand over your custom plugin, we will give you free technical support for over 6 months. And if you need more help, you can get back to us anytime. We have dedicated plugin developers for support duties and they will fix any issues you have with your custom plugin or more.

So, click over the package you need and let’s talk about your requirements. Let’s build a custom plugin that gets your job done. A plugin built custom, just for your business needs.

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Small Plugin, Which Solves One Simple Task, Has No Admin

  • Functional plugin
  • E-commerce functionality
  • Fix Plugin Issue
  • Source code
  • Custom WordPress Plugin Scratch
1 days Delivery
Unlimited Revisions
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19 (4.60)

Plugin Solving More Complex Task, Adding Custom Post Types, Has An Admin

  • Develop a Plugin with Standard Settings
  • E-commerce advance functionality
  • Fix Plugin Issue
  • Source code
  • Custom WordPress Plugin Scratch
  • Update WordPress Plugins
2 days Delivery
Unlimited Revisions
Yes I want this
19 (4.60)

Complex Plugin - Admin & User Area - Fancy, Responsive Layout

  • E-commerce Functionality
  • Complex Plugin as per your requirements.
  • E-commerce advance functionality
  • Fix Plugin Issue
  • Source code
  • Custom WordPress Plugin Scratch
  • Update WordPress Plugins
3 days Delivery
Unlimited Revisions
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What's Your Background?
We've created 100+ Premium WordPress products (WordPress themes & plugins) under the brand Themes Awesome and selling those products in Theme Forest and Code canyon. You can be sure about my WordPress programming expertise because I have created Premium WordPress Products of very high quality.
Do you offer support or maintenance services?
Yes, absolutely. Reach out to us with your requirements, and we'll ensure your plugin stays optimized.
How do we start working together?
Initiate by sending a message or mail to discuss your project. We create custom orders for a perfect fit and commence collaborative efforts.
Can you submit it to the WordPress plugins repo?
Certainly, we can, but note that it may impact on the pricing due to additional efforts. Post-submission, you retain control for updates
How long does it take before the WordPress plugin is listed?
The duration varies based on complexity. For smaller plugins, it's typically 5-15 days, subject to WordPress' review process.
Can you create a premium WordPress plugin?
Absolutely, we have the expertise to develop premium plugins tailored to your unique requirements.
Can you submit it to Themeforest/Codecanyon?
Yes, we can submit it on your behalf. Ensure you have a Codecanyon account if you wish to sell plugins under your name or brand.

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