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Having a well-optimized website is crucial for success. 

Are you tired of a slow, sluggish website that's costing you valuable traffic and sales? Look no further! We specialize in boosting website performance and ensuring lightning-fast loading times. 

Not only is a slow website frustrating for users, but it can also hurt your SEO and overall online success. That's where we come in. With our expert knowledge and attention to detail, we’ll optimize your site to perform at its best and keep your visitors happy.

Benefits of WordPress Speed Optimization

An inadequately maintained website can detrimentally impact your brand in various ways. Furthermore, it's crucial to prioritize a website that operates smoothly, devoid of lags, and boasts faster loading speeds. 

1. Fast websites attract more customers

Slow loading speeds, lags, and 404 pages are just a few examples of issues that can severely impact your business performance. Imagine a potential customer visiting your website, only to encounter slow loading times or broken links. Such experiences can lead to frustration and drive them away from your site, potentially resulting in lost sales opportunities. With you fast website, you will gain more new customers and also retain interests of your existing user base.

2. Improved Google Page Speed Insights score

Improved Page Speed Insights score is a crucial milestone in optimizing website performance. This metric, provided by Google, evaluates the speed and usability of a webpage on both mobile and desktop devices. By focusing on factors such as server response times, render-blocking resources, and image optimization, website owners can enhance their Page Speed Insights score. 

3. Lower bounce rate

A high bounce rate indicates that visitors are leaving your site after viewing only one page, which can be detrimental to your overall goals. By analyzing user behavior, optimizing website content and design, and providing relevant and engaging information, you can encourage visitors to explore further and interact more deeply with your site.

How will we improve your website speed?

Our team of experienced WordPress developers will follow all industry best practices to first audit your website and then create a detailed report of required improvements. Based on this audit report we will perform the following processes to get you the desired website speed and performance.

1. WordPress core optimization

Our team will fine-tune your WordPress installation, optimize core files, update WordPress to the latest version, set proper database configurations, and server settings to ensure lightning-fast performance.

2. Theme optimization

Regularly update your theme to the latest version to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress version and security patches.

3. Plugin optimization

Our process involves removing unused plugins and unnecessary assets, ensuring your website aligns seamlessly with Google's standards for optimal performance and user experience.

4. PHP optimization

We will audit your server settings, and optimize your PHP installation to get the maximum possible performance out of it. We will disable vulnerable PHP modules and install performance-boosting extensions to uplift your overall server performance. We will also make sure your server is running the latest version of PHP and all of its dependencies to extract the optimal performance out of your setup.

5. Database optimization

We will optimize your database tables, clean all post revisions, clean all auto-draft posts, remove all trashed posts, and remove spam and trashed comments. We will also remove unapproved comments, remove expired transient options, and remove pingbacks, and trackbacks. We will also make sure to clean orphaned relationship data and reduce storage requirements to improve overall performance.

6. CSS optimization

We will do unnecessary characters such as white spaces, comments, and redundant elements, CSS files are streamlined, resulting in smaller file sizes and improved website performance.

7. JavaScript optimization

Our team will conduct a comprehensive audit of your website's JavaScript usage. We'll optimize scripts, eliminate redundant code, and implement caching techniques to maximize performance. We will also contact and combine multiple JavaScript files to save browser loading time. We will also make sure your website does not throw any JavaScript errors.

8. Image optimization

Images are an important part of your website, but because of their large file sizes, can be a major contributor to slow loading times. We will make sure every image of your website is perfectly sized and properly loaded. We will also make sure these images are loaded with Google-recommended WebP image format with proper fallback for older browsers. This will greatly improve your website load time and also uplift your Google Page Speed scores.

Finally, we will conduct rigorous tests to evaluate your website's performance parameters. Our detailed report will outlines findings and provide clear steps to improve your WordPress website performance. We will also hand over a document including future dos and don't for you to manage your website. This will help you to preserve the optimization done by our team.

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BASIC OPTIMIZATION (80 speed score on Desktop and 40 on Mobile on Google Page Speed Insights)

  • Speed optimization
  • Browser Caching
  • Minification
3 days Delivery
Unlimited Revisions
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136 (4.90)

FOR BUSINESS SITE 90+ on Desktop and 60-70+ on Mobile (Provide Max Possible) 1-3 S load time , 4 Months Free Support

  • Speed optimization
  • Browser Caching
  • Minification
  • Resize Photo
4 days Delivery
Unlimited Revisions
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136 (4.90)

FOR ECOMMERCE STORE 90+ on Desktop and 60-70+ on Mobile (Provide Max Possible) 1-3 S load time ,4 Months Free Support

  • Speed optimization
  • Broswer Caching
  • Minification
  • Resize Photo
  • Database Optimization
5 days Delivery
Unlimited Revisions
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you provide a report at the end of the order?
Yes, we provide a report about everything We did on your website, the results, and some recommendations for the future.
What will you need to improve my website performance?
We will need your WordPress and hosting logins. If your domain name is provided somewhere else than from your hosting, we would need the logins for it too if you purchased the Pro Package.
Should I send you a message before ordering?
It is preferable to send a message with your website URL before ordering, we will be able to have a quick look at it and discuss the scope of the project with you to better answer your needs.
What matters most, mobile or desktop speed?
Google now prioritizes mobile speed to rank pages.

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Great customer service. The design team is very professional and our project manager, Juwel, walked us through each step patiently. You will definitely meet the requirements that you expected. Highly recommended!!!

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Exceptional service. Loved my artist and my project manager Juwel Rana. Not sure how Juwel figured out my complicated project, but he made it all seem super easy. I couldn't have asked for or imagined a better result.

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