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We understand the frustration of having problems with your website. WordPress errors are very common and can appear at any time, they can be from very simple which is a problem of styles that do not let the user interact on the web to very serious leaving the website completely inaccessible.

Benefits of a bug-free WordPress website

1. Enhanced user experience:

Noone loves to interact with a website riddled with countless errors and issues. So if you don’t have an error-free website, you will have a terrible user experience. This will cost you a lot in the long run, cause a good user experience is the most important attractor of customer satisfaction.

2. Low bounce rate:

A high bounce rate means visitors leave your site after one page, impacting your goals. Analyzing user behavior, optimizing all wordPress issues, and providing engaging information can encourage deeper interaction and reduce bounce rates.

3. Improved speed and performance:

WordPress errors are the main cause of a slow website. Be it from WordPress core, plugins or themes, an error prone website always performs horribly. So, when you solve all the errors, fix all the bugs you get a blazing fast website that your visitors will thank you for.

4. Better security:

WordPress errors pose a great threat to your website security. Keep these unresolved and you have a high chance of getting hacked. If you keep these errors open, hackers or malicious actors have the right information to hit your website with. So, whenever you see an error on your website, fix it or at least keep it hidden.

Our WordPress Bug Fixing process

The bug-fixing process involves several key steps to identify, address, and resolve issues within a WordPress website. Below is a comprehensive list of steps we follow to fix WordPress website issues and bugs.

1. Identifying the Bug:

The first step is to identify any bugs or issues on your website. We'll examine your website logs and search for error messages. Also, we'll utilize debugging tools to pinpoint any problems within your website code.

2. Plugin and Theme Isolation:

The second step is to check your website's theme and plugins. We'll deactivate your website theme and all plugins, and install default themes and plugins. If the issue is resolved, we'll reactivate them one by one to identify the culprit.

3. Software Update:

We’ll Ensure that you have installed an updated version of WordPress on your website, Also check your website theme and plugins are up to date. Sometimes the software can be a breeding ground for bugs.

4. Plugins Conflicts:

One of the most common issues is plugin conflicts, which can lead to broken features, errors, or even site crashes. We'll examine your plugin's code or functions to identify and resolve any conflicts.

5. Theme and Plugins Unable to Update:

One of the most common PHP errors is related to time limits for running PHP scripts. These limits, set by hosting providers, can prevent plugins from updating automatically. We will configure the system to enable auto-updates even if the maximum execution time is exceeded.

6. Check for Code Errors:

We'll thoroughly examine your website's theme and plugin files for any coding errors. Our process involves inspecting all theme and plugin files, as well as reviewing theme function files, to eliminate unused plugins and unnecessary assets.

7. Use of Debugging Tools:

WordPress debugging tools are essential for efficiently identifying and resolving issues on websites. They provide detailed insights into errors, enabling quick pinpointing of problem areas in code, plugins, or themes. By using these tools, We can maintain website stability, security, and overall quality.

8. Security Scanning

Perform a security scan on your website to detect and fix vulnerabilities, safeguarding it from potential security threats. These scans help identify weaknesses in code, plugins, and configurations, allowing prompt action to strengthen your website's defenses and protect against malicious attacks.

Some common bugs and issues we can fix:

Over the years we have developed a deep understanding of the WordPress ecosystem and bugs around this platform. Below is a small list of common issues our team can help you with.

1. Fix blank or white screen:

The "white screen of death" is a common and often frustrating issue encountered by WordPress users. It manifests as a blank white screen instead of the expected content or dashboard. This issue can be caused by various factors, including plugin conflicts, theme problems, and PHP errors.

2. Fix layout issues:

Fixing layout issues involves addressing visual inconsistencies in your website's design. Identify the problem areas, inspect code and styles, apply fixes, and test across devices for resolution.

3. Theme update errors: 

Theme update errors in WordPress can occur due to conflicts, permissions issues, or problems with the update process. Resolving them involves troubleshooting specific error messages, ensuring compatibility, and manually updating the theme if needed.

4. Database errors:

Database errors can disrupt website functionality and are often caused by issues like corrupted tables or incorrect credentials. Resolving them involves troubleshooting connections, repairing tables, and optimizing performance.

5. WooCommerce errors:

WooCommerce errors can disrupt online store operations and stem from conflicts, outdated software, or configuration issues. Resolving them involves troubleshooting, and updating software.

6. Internal Server Error 500:

The Internal Server Error 500 is a generic HTTP status code indicating that something has gone wrong on the server. This error can be caused by various issues, problematic plugins or themes, or exhausted PHP memory limits. htaccess files, or even server-side scripting errors.

7. 404 Not Found Errors:

The 404 Not Found error indicates that the requested webpage couldn't be found. It commonly occurs due to mistyped URLs, deleted pages, or broken links. To resolve it, website owners should fix broken links and set up proper redirects for moved or deleted pages.

8. 503 Service Unavailable:

A 503 Service Unavailable error indicates that your server is currently inaccessible. While your site is technically operational, users won't be able to access it until the issue is resolved.

9. You’re Unable To Upload Images:

Images can break on your WordPress site in various ways. They might appear incorrectly after uploading or fail to upload altogether. The issue usually arises from incorrect file permissions.

10. Security Scanning:

Security scanning involves using tools to check for vulnerabilities and threats in a system or website. It assesses network, application, and server configurations to identify weaknesses that could be exploited by attackers.

11. Malware Removal:

Malware removal is the process of detecting and eliminating malicious software from a system. It involves scanning, quarantining infected files, and manually removing malicious code.

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Devzet stands out for its passion to propel your brand to success, backed by a wealth of experience. Having served as a programmer for large corporations and as a freelancer, I bring a unique perspective to every project, ensuring a blend of expertise and innovative insights in a streamlined process.
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Contacting us before placing an order is essential because every website is unique. We can discuss project availability, costs, delivery times, and other feasibilities. Each job requires dedicated time and commitment, so please reach out before ordering.
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To complete your order, provide: 1. A list of the issues for a quote. 2. WordPress Administrator Login (mandatory). 3. FTP login. 4. Hosting or cPanel login.
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The timeframe depends on the specific issues being addressed. Before commencing work, we'll provide a quote with the estimated completion time.
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Absolutely. Devzet is committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance. If you require any adjustments or updates to your site, feel free to contact us anytime.

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