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At Devzet, we leverage over 6 years of diverse experience across various creative industries and roles, cultivating a wealth of knowledge and skills. Our work is characterized by its cleanliness, dynamism, and unwavering focus on the buyer. We highly value client relationships, always striving to deliver the most effective and highest-quality services.

If you encounter issues with your WordPress or HTML site and seek immediate resolution, simply reach out to us at Devzet. We are committed to swiftly addressing your concerns, contributing to the success of your business, and enhancing your sales!"

"Devzet's Expertise Covers:

  • Layout and Styling Issues
  • Resolving Plugin Issues
  • Addressing Conflicts with Other Plugins
  • Performance Checks
  • Dashboard Problems
  • Plugin Customization
  • Fixing Responsive PHP, HTML & CSS Errors
  • Troubleshooting New Errors Resulting from Plugin Updates, Installs, or Conflicts
  • And Any Other WordPress-Related Challenges."

"Empower your online presence with Devzet's expertise in resolving WordPress and HTML challenges. Let us elevate your digital experience, ensuring seamless functionality and dynamic design. Contact us for swift solutions that drive success and boost your business presence.”

4.9 (174)

Small Issues: Debug and fix one small issue on your PHP or WordPress site.

  • Functional Website
  • 1 Page
  • E-commerce Functionality
3 days Delivery
Unlimited Revisions
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4.9 (174)

Fix 3 Small WordPress or PHP Issues and update plugins.

  • Functional Website
  • 3 Pages
  • E-commerce Functionality
4 days Delivery
Unlimited Revisions
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4.9 (174)

Complex issues: You’ll get important issues to be solved in your WordPress website and you need us to help you now.

  • Functional Website
  • 5 Pages
  • E-commerce Functionality
5 days Delivery
Unlimited Revisions
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Choose Devzet Over the Competition?
Devzet stands out for its passion to propel your brand to success, backed by a wealth of experience. Having served as a programmer for large corporations and as a freelancer, I bring a unique perspective to every project, ensuring a blend of expertise and innovative insights in a streamlined process.
Why Contact First Before Ordering?
Contacting us before placing an order is essential because every website is unique. We can discuss project availability, costs, delivery times, and other feasibilities. Each job requires dedicated time and commitment, so please reach out before ordering.
What Information is Needed to Complete the Order?
To complete your order, provide: 1. A list of the issues for a quote. 2. WordPress Administrator Login (mandatory). 3. FTP login. 4. Hosting or cPanel login.
How Long Does It Take?
The timeframe depends on the specific issues being addressed. Before commencing work, we'll provide a quote with the estimated completion time.
Do You Offer Maintenance or Support After Job Completion?
Absolutely. Devzet is committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance. If you require any adjustments or updates to your site, feel free to contact us anytime.

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What Client Said About Us (Devzet)

Get a beautiful website design that people love to engage with.

Everything was done perfectly - exceeded expectations, completed early, and within my budget. Evident high commitment to customer satisfaction. I will go out of my way to recommend Devzet to my colleagues. Thanks again to the team!!

Review AuthorIlya Balter Manager at BKFX

I really enjoyed working with the team, especially Juwel the project manager went above and beyond to get the site just right for me. I surely appreciated that. the overall brand guide really looks good too. I love the colors and font choices. Highly Recommended guys!

Review AuthorMalia Cruz Beauty Blogger

I've tried many other freelancers and outsourcing before and was disappointed. Devzet was an entirely different experience! I am extremely happy with the results and the high quality of their work. Recommend!!

Review AuthorStanislav Kostadinov Creative Consultant

Great customer service. The design team is very professional and our project manager, Juwel, walked us through each step patiently. You will definitely meet the requirements that you expected. Highly recommended!!!

Review AuthorLauren Short Manager at OLX Group

Exceptional service. Loved my artist and my project manager Juwel Rana. Not sure how Juwel figured out my complicated project, but he made it all seem super easy. I couldn't have asked for or imagined a better result.

Review AuthorGirts Ledins Codnity Co-Founder